The Purpose of this Blog

  • I'm on several social networks and on any one of them you encounter numerous trolls, cranks and crackpots. Back in the day people on USENET and mailing lists would put up Web Pages dedicated to detailing the antics of these type of people.

    That's one of the purposes of this blog. To make the dishonest and often insane behaviour of these trolls, cranks and crackpots I encounter public. Occasionally it encourages the offending party to behave more appropriately as it realizes that, even if it is otherwise anonymous, people can still track and catalog its nym(s) under which it operates.

  • Since the YouTube comment system sucks I will sometimes post a response on my blog to better formulate a lengthy or detailed response. I also allow people to comment on my posts as I think that this can facilitate discussion better than the comments in a YouTube video forum.

  • I will often want to discuss something that interests, or bothers, me. Using this blog I can then voice what my concern is. I just hope I don't devolve into a whiny blogger...I hate those.