19 February 2013

fossil fuel interests and funding of climate change denial groups

>Peter Sinclair of "Climate Denial Crock of the Week", 19 February 2013.

Mr Sinclair has posted a new blog about a recent peer reviewed study titled Study Links Tobacco, Tea Party, Climate Denial,… and Fox News. The verifiable, peer reviewed evidence against the fossil fuel interests continues to build.


  1. Yea its all very secret, that's why everybody knows about it.

    I know, its some kind of right wing conspiracy that's what it is. Just like the faked
    moon landings and 911. Lol!


    1. Actually, this is not a paranoid conspiracy theory as they have plenty of verifiable evidence. So much so that it passed peer review. Saying that it is like the claims of the 911 Truther movement or the Moon Landing Hoax proponents is a false equivalence. 911 Truthers and Moon Landing Hoaxers have no verifiable evidence of their claims and merely misconstrue what evidence does exist so that they can ask questions that they think no one could possibly answer. The claims in this study, on the other hand, are falsifiable.

      Perhaps you think "Climategate" or even anthropogenic climate change are left wing conspiracies? I assume that you do, but I could be wrong and I apologize if I am. You know, everybody knows all about those ones too even though they're all so secret. However, the courts have decided that "Climategate" is itself a hoax or at least the claims therein have no substance. Also, the study of climate change has been verified to be a science by the majority of scientists on the planet.

      Anyhow, thanks for sharing Klem and take care of yourself.