04 January 2012

Falsely DMCA'd

Surprise, You've Been Flagged!

At approximately 08:00 am MST 04 January 2011 I got a notice from YouTube that Osho International had filed a Copyright Infringement complaint against me. It was over a video I was mirroring from Robert Lester where Robert was talking about common traits of various cult leaders. Robert used an image of Osho among other cult leaders as visual reference. Additionally Robert also mentioned that he is fighting the current DMCA flagging brought against him by Osho International.

Video: False DMCA Against Mirror about a False DMCA - Irony?


I've since filed an appeal. Osho International cares little about Fair-Dealings or Fair-Use and is trying to intimidate anybody who criticizes their organization. This kind of behaviour cannot be allowed.

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  1. There's really only one book one needs to read on the Osho cult to get an idea of the evil bastard and his followers: Breaking the Spell by Jane Stork. She was a young Australian when she joined and in the whole process destroyed her family and herself both physically and psychologically. The forced abortions (including late term pregnancy),forced sterilisations etc are really eye-opening for anyone who thought there was smething life-affirming about the cult. this was done essentially so women could be used for sex and not have children get in the way of the dilay debauch. It details from a high-up insider p.o.v. how the cult worked and the terrible things it/he did to people. I've met Osho people, some who were quite 'close' to the psychopath and they are beyond reach in terms of admitting what and who they were involved with (let alone what THEY might have done) That's simply the psychological legacy of cult involvement and the necessary culture of denial that comes from such involvement. BTW, Osho said homeopathy was "just sugar pills"--that make you happy haha.