24 November 2011

A moment of Science Awesome

Scientific and Religious Worldviews Collide

The CMI travesty happening here in Cold Lake today has got my feathers ruffled, I admit.

Making Light of the Buffoons

I found this post by PZ Meyers on Pharyngula amusing and weirdly appropriate.

Empirical Evidence vs. Revealed TruthD

The wrong thing to take away from this is that females are more irrational than males (females being more irrational than males would be an unsubstantiated claim in addition to being an insult to females). The correct things to take away from this are that Creationism and by extension Religion are irrational.

If you need your Revealed Truth to get up in the morning, good for you. I choose to be rational and prefer the Empirical Evidence (and coffee), even if I don't like the evidence or it clashes with my expectations.

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