08 November 2011

John Benneth's Childish Fantasies of Persecution

Wow, The Guy Just Gets Nuttier

So, our friend John Benneth has been lying low ever since I announced that I was going to expose his dishonesty. While he was lying low Mr. Benneth composed the following video:


Frankly, I'm not too sure what Mr. Benneth is getting at here. I imagine that it may be one of several things.

Mr. Benneth:
  • is feeling persecuted by other Netizens for his bizarre beliefs and claims and is expressing his desire to strike back.
  • is angry at the success of Modern Medicine, frustrated with the ineffectiveness of Homeopathy and is expressing his desire for reality to conform to his views.
  • has watched or listened to Dara O'Brian mock Homeopathy and woo in general and believes himself to be equally witty and sufficiently intelligent to counter O'Brian's humour.
  • has a deep-seated hatred and fear of children and is expressing his wish to shoot them. (least likely, but still possible)

Mr. Benneth, though I laughed when I watched your video HOMEOPATH BRUTALLY BEATEN, it wasn't because I found you witty and intelligent. I was laughing, Mr. Benneth, because you are transparent, immature and a bad actor to boot.

If there was a reward for idiocy, I'd nominate you. In it's place I offer the "G' in th' fuck'n sack!" Award, dedicated to the personage who's humour you try to counter by emulating (while failing to do either), Mr. Dara O'Brian.

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