21 November 2011

The Creatards are Coming!

CMI Lia-A-Thon

CMI (Creation Ministries International) is coming to my town on the 24 November 2011. Prepare for misrepresentation of scientists' papers and findings, outright lying, dubious cryptozoology claims and basic shoehorning of half-baked claims into The Bible.

Radio Ad

A local radio station, K-Rock 95.3 ran a spot to interview the people sponsoring the event, Military Christian Fellowship. The organizers had the affrontry to claim that there was evidence for a young earth, raise the T-Rex blood canard and state that creationist scientistsidiots simply filter the paleontological evidence differently than those crazy liberal, satan-worshiping, NWO, "evolutionist" scientists! It ticked me off so badly that I had to shut off the radio for the duration.

I have a day off on the day of the seminar. So, should I attend?

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